Model Citizens: Jade Jordan

We’ve got a treat for you guys this week on Model Citizens with one of our very own Pornhub Awards winners, Jade Jordan. Even after she’s won the Big and Beautiful Award last year, Jade is still as humble and sweet as ever. So we thought it would be a good idea to pick her brain and hear what she has to say about her success, how she deals with cyberbullying, and how she uses Pornhub to grow her fanbase.

Courtesy of Jade Jordan

How did you get started on xclip ?

I found about xclip when I was in high school and then years later, when I was in college, it kept popping up. I knew of other porn sites and noticed many of the cheap ones would die off, but Pornhub kept going and it was the one that stuck with me.

So one day, I was surfing through the site and read “Work for us” and thought to myself, “No way! I can actually work for xclip ?” So when I looked at the different ways I could work for xclip , I realized I could join the amateur program and asked my boyfriend if he wanted to do it with me. He was very supportive and we decided to do it together.


How would you describe “Jade Jordan?”

Jade is more demanding and confident. She’s a boss. Her hair is always done and perfect; her makeup is on fleek. She’s not coming to play. She can take anybody’s man.


How do you deal with cyberbullying and criticism?

I remembered the first time it happened, it was a big deal for me. I was still pretty new to the platform when my husband brought it my attention when he noticed this girl writing about me in her xclip feed. I initially didn’t want to say anything, but then she started flagging my videos, trying to take them down and antagonizing me on my feed.

I was scared to lose everything I worked for, so I reacted to the hate for the first time. I wrote to her and pretty much told her, “I take this very seriously. This is something I’m trying to make a career out of, and you’re not taking this seriously. The fact that I’m being more creative about it is what’s going to take me further. In a couple of years, I’m still going to be relevant and you won’t be.”

I was so confused because I had never met her and we don’t know any of the same people. It really shook me because it felt like it crawled into my private life. Now, I’m not willing to let anyone affect me that say way again. I still deal with cyberbullying, but I just ignore them now

Courtesy of Jade Jordan

What about people within the industry? Do you feel like there’s a sense of community?

I didn’t necessarily feel like I was part of the industry until I went to the xclip Awards and met a lot of people in the industry. I met so many nice people, even the A-list porn stars. Everyone was so welcoming and congratulating me for winning.

I also went to AVN and met people from the xclip team I got to know only through email until that point. We were all just hanging out and I felt like I was part of the family.


You’ve been quite successful over the years and even won a Xclip Award last year. What’s your secret?

Honestly, right off the bat, I would it say it comes down to believing in the system. Some people sleep on the system, but even if you don’t get many views, you have to keep believing and posting. I understand the relevancy that xclip can bring you. So when you keep posting on the platform and continue to engage, it’s easy to build your fanbase and expand your reach around the world.

I also started investing money back into my business and bought some professional equipment and accessories like quality cameras and sex toys. When people are looking at thumbnails all day long, I think mine stand out because they’re pure, clear, and the color is vibrant.


How do you use social media to grow your fanbase?

I use Twitter primarily, but no matter which site or social media outlet I use, I always bring people back to my Pornhub profile. I think having one main platform and putting all your energy into that is a good idea because that’s how you’ll master that platform.

I engage with my fans on both xclip and social media. However, I’ll use Twitter to tease my fans to bring them over to xclip or Modelhub and I’ll comment directly. However, I don’t respond to DMs unless they’re part of my Fan Club.

 Courtesy of Jade Jordan

How do you decide if a video should be free-to-view or for-sale?

When I first started, I was giving everything away for free and I didn’t start selling until a couple of years ago. Since it was all free for a while, I got a feel for what my fans wanted and I used to cater to them a lot. I try to make my more basic videos free and sell the extreme stuff.

I also give away a trailer or a portion of a video and then sell the whole thing on Modelhub. For example, I put up a 12-minute anal video for free to help bring in traffic and then sold the whole 45-minute video.


What is one piece of advice of advice you’d like to share with new models?

Be consistent. Whether you want to upload videos and update your page once or twice a week, pick a day or two and stick to those days every single week. You’ll start to notice your views stacking up, your engagement increasing, and your reach growing.

Another piece of advice is to not give up. I’ve been on xclip for four years; I took home a xclip Award last year, but I’ve never won the Amateur of the Month contest.

Always focus on building your fanbase, posting consistently, and giving people a reason to subscribe. Don’t get too caught up in the numbers.


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